copy text from image

copy text from image is most widely searching question. Today, we are sharing how to copy text from image using Microsoft Office 2007 or higher version.


  • Microsoft OneNote 2007 / Microsoft OneNote 2010
  • A image have written something.

Step by step procedure to copy text from image

  1. Click Start Button
  2. Click All Programs
  3. Click Microsoft Office
  4. Click Microsoft OneNote 2007 / 2010
  5. Now Click on Insert
  6. Click on Picture
  7. Browse for the image you want to insert in OneNote 
  8. Right click the image
  9. Select copy text from image
  10. Paste copied text anywhere.

Another Method:

  1. Press Windows + R button
  2. type onenote
  3. follow above step 5 to step 10.