Difference between PayU Biz and PayUMoney

PayU BIZ and PayUMoney are two different products from the same company i.e PayU Payments Pvt. LtdPayU Payments Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2011. Today We are sharing the Difference between PayU Biz and PayUMoney.

PayU Biz- Set up fee + Annual maintenance fee. TDR (Transaction Discounted Rates) varies according to plan

PayU Money- No Set up fee, No AMC. TDR Flat 2% + taxes.

2.Settlement flow:
PayU Biz- T+2 days. i.e if transaction occur on 6th Feb then amount will be settled on 8th Feb

PayU Money- Post delivery of Product/Service

3.Technical Knowledge to work with payment gateway:
PayU Biz- Need deep knowledge to integrate in the website. (should   have a engineering team)

PayU Money- For PayUMoney tools, no technical knowledge is required.

4.Merchant Branding:
PayU Biz- Complete control. PayU Biz is totally white label solution

PayU Paisa- PayUMoney allows limited branding like showing merchant logo and name if you use our free tools like Webfront, Webstore Etc.

PayU Biz- White label Card Store, iFrame option to accept the payment on single page without redirecting user to a new link or website, Auto refund, Bank offers, IVR, EMI, International transactions (supporting 11 currency) etc.

PayU Money- Card Store Feature of PayUMoney available. International , IVR and EMI not yet available.

6.Verification Process:
PayU Biz- Detailed Docs required

PayU Money- Limited Documents. No documentation for PayUMoney tools (online PAN card and bank account verification.

7.Payment Process:
PayU Biz-  Buyer don’t need to create an account with PayU Biz

PayU Money- Buyer must create an account with PayU Money in order to make payment.

The Difference between PayU Biz and PayUMoney shows that, If you want to accept payment online without documentation, Just go for PayUMoney. but if you want to integrate with your website that accept hug amount, go for PayU Biz to save transaction charges, fast payment processing etc. To signup for PayUMoney or PayU Biz, Please click here