Digital Signature in Panipat

A digital signature authenticates electronic documents in a similar manner a handwritten signature authenticates printed documents. This signature cannot be forged and it asserts that a named person wrote or otherwise agreed to the document to which the signature is attached. The recipient of a digitally signed message can verify that the message originated from the person whose signature is attached to the document and that the message has not been altered either intentionally or accidentally since it was signed. Also the signer of a document cannot later disown it by claiming that the signature was forged. In other words digital signatures enable the “authentication” and “non-repudiation” of digital messages assuring the recipient of a digital message of both the identity of the sender and the integrity of the message.

A digital signature is issued by a Certification Authority (CA) and is signed with the CA’s private key. A digital signature typically contains the: Owner’s public key the Owner’s name Expiration date of the public key the Name of the issuer (the CA that issued the Digital ID) Serial number of the digital signature and the digital signature of the issuer. Digital signatures deploy the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology.At BW Creative, We will assist you to obtain Digital Signature in Panipat for your organization.

Different Classes of Digital Signature:

Class 1

Class 1 certificates shall be issued to individuals/private subscribers. These certificates will confirm that user’s name (or alias) and E-mail address form an unambiguous subject within the Certifying Authorities database.

Class 2

These certificates will be issued for both business personnel and private individuals use. These certificates will confirm that the information in the application provided by the subscriber does not conflict with the information in well-recognized consumer databases.

Class 3

This certificate will be issued to individuals as well as organizations. As these are high assurance certificates, primarily intended for e-commerce applications, they shall be issued to individuals only on their personal (physical) appearance before the Certifying Authorities.

Rate of Digital Signature

Individuals - Income Tax / ROC / MCA

Starting from
Rs. 2000/- 2 Years

eMudhra Class II Digital Signature for Individual with Aladdin e-Token or ePass 2003 e-Token   

Corporate - Provident Fund / Sales Tax

Starting from
Rs. 2200/- 2 Years

eMudhra Class II Digital Signature for Org. with Aladdin e-Token or ePass 2003 e-Token

Corporate / e-Tendering

Starting from
Rs. 6000/- 2 Years

eMudhra Class III Digital Signature with Aladdin e-Token or ePass 2003 e-Token (Signing Only)