Hospital Management System Software

BW Creative is the best software development company in Panipat, Karnal, Sonepat. Today, We are sharing the benefits of using Hospital Management System Software for Hospitals, Nursing Home, Clinics, etc.

“Web Based Hospital Management System” is a online solution. It helps clinics to streamline there clinic and pharmacy / Stock management efficiently resulting in higher efficiency and faster patient turnaround time. The Hospital Management System is intended for the complete streamlining of the clinic and business operations. A one system solution for delivering optimal patient treatment flow and complete documentation of the treatment outcomes. Our unique product “Web Based Hospital Management System” provided easiest way to Manage Hospital for Hospital Administrator.The program can look after Inpatient admissions, OPD patients records, treatments prescribed, billing, appointments etc. it also maintains the in hospital info such as Wards and their details , Doctor in Charge, Departments and associated physicians with administration (Multilevel Login into the system).

Benefits of Hospital Management System Software:

We have 3 login types in our hospital management system software.

  • Admin
  • Reception
  • Laboratory

Right for Admin in hospital management system software:

  • Check total patients
  • Create new doctor, check all doctors
  • Create new department
  • Create new Lab
  • Check total collection
  • Check today’s collection

Right for Reception in hospital management system software:

  • Admit new patient in OPD
  • Collect fee from patient for different tests.
  • Create discharge slip

Right for Laboratory in hospital management system software:

  • Create test report for patients.