Responsive Web Design Benefits:

Today, We are sharing the responsive web design benefits. Today, A website is not just a bunch of web pages, but it is a collection of important knowledge. Do you know, today, Internet is used by more than 50% mobile user. There is NO doubt that Responsive Web Design is very important for today’s webdesign point of view. Smartphones and tablets have changed the approach toward design and user experience. Before the spread of mobile devices with advanced web-browsing capability, web designers had only one primary challenge to deal with keeping the same look and feel of their websites. However, interacting with websites on smartphones and tablets is not the same as doing that on a desktop computer monitors. Factors such as Click versus Touch, Screen-size, Pixel-resolution, support for Adobe’s Flash technology, optimized markup and many more have become crucial while creating websites with Responsive Design.

What is Responsive Web Design

A Responsive web design (RWD) can be accessed easily by any type of device i.e from desktop to tablet, tablet to mobile phones.

responsive web design benefits

1. Recommend by Google: Responsive web design is recommend by Google

2. Increase Sales : Responsive Web Design is helpful in increasing sales & conversation rates

3. SEO Benefits : Responsive web design is also most important factor in search engine optimization.

4. User Experience : User Experience is seo factor as per Google. If your site has good design & layout that fits to every device, it means you are gaining more user experience.

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