transfer domain from 1 godaddy account to another

Today, we are sharing how to transfer domain from 1 Godaddy account to another. Godaddy is world’s largest domain registrar company. If you want to move a domain name from one account with Godaddy to another account , you are in the right place to get started for an Account Change.

Follow the following steps to transfer domain from 1 godaddy account to another

transfer domain from 1 godaddy account to another

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Click on Domains Panel
  3. Click on Manage to the corresponding domain name you want to move.
  4. In the Top, click Begin Account Change.
  5. Enter the Email address of the new owner.
  6. If you know the new owner’s customer number, select I have… and then enter the account login information.
  7. In Domain’s contact information, select one of the following:

    NOTE: The new registrant’s Customer # or login name might be required or optional depending on what you select here. For Enter new details, it is optional. For all other options, it is required. If entered, the value must match information on file in the receiving account.

    • Enter new details — Enter contact information for the new registrant.
    • Use details from specified customer account — Use contact information from the account you entered in step 6.
    • Do not change — Retain the contact information currently assigned to the domain name you are moving.
  8. Select Keep the current nameservers for this domain to retain the current nameservers for the domain name. If you do not select this option, we park the domain name when the new registrant activates it in the new account.
  9. Click Next.
  10. If you selected Enter new details, complete the mandatory fields marked with *, and then click Next:
  11. Accept Terms & Conditions

    NOTE: When you change the Organization or the First name or the Last name (in the absence of an Organization entry), you must agree to a 60-day lockdown to continue. If you have a .au domain name, a 60-day lock will not apply.

  12. Click Finish.