Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway provider in PanipatWhat is Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is responsible for intermediating the transactions processed between a customers website and bank. After you purchase the product, our staff configure the payment gateway to communicate with your customer merchant bank account. You then configure your website to communicate with the payment gateway. All purchase or refund transaction requests are sent from the website to the payment gateway then onto the merchant bank account. The bank then responds to the request and sends this response back through our payment gateway and onto the website and end user. It is important to note that the payment gateway does not process any transactions; the bank processes all transactions

Why Should use Payment Gateway

Online payment gateways help merchants expand their business by improving customer service, increasing profits and minimizing late payments.

  • Accept All Cards: Consumers use their credit cards and debit cards for making payments both large and small. Online payment gateways make credit card transactions even more efficient, with batch upload features to submit multiple transactions in a single file and the ability to verify accounts quickly and securely.
  • ACH Payments: The Automated Clearing House (ACH) system allows banks to send money back and forth electronically. Merchants can accept ACH payments through online payment gateways for various types of transactions, including bill payment, e-commerce processing and business-to-business transactions.
  • Recurring Billing Options: Customers expect flexibility and convenience when making online payments. With recurring billing options, customers can set up weekly or monthly payments and have receipts emailed directly to their inbox.
  • Secure Processing: Online payment gateways that are compliant with PCI DSS standards keep customers’ data safe, while protecting merchants from the hefty fees and devastating consequences of having data compromised.

Benefits by using Our Payment Gateway

BW Creative is first and only Payment Gateway provider in Panipat. We provide payment gateway at nominal transaction fee. All your transaction are highly secured and compliant with PCI standard.

  • Email Invoicing: Create and send unlimited professional e-invoices to your customers. The customers receive an email and can pay online by just a click by using his/her Debit / Credit Card and Internet Banking.
  • Free Webstore: Design a simple web store using PayUMoney tools. No technical knowledge required. Useful built in support for shipping and billing. Publish your store within minutes and sell your first product today.
  • Free Webfront: Design a simple webfront using PayUMoney tools. No technical knowledge required. Useful built in support to collect payments for different utilities.Select mandatory and non mandatory payments to receive.
  • Easy Settlement Tracking: Track the status of your settlements simply through PayUMoney’s PayU out tracker. Keep track of payments and its settlement date.

Payment Gateway provider in Panipat